Senior Frontend Engineer (React/JS)
Wroclaw, Poland
JS, React

Together with the Zoolatech team, our partner, a leading construction management company, is at the forefront of developing a cloud-based software solution. This innovative platform is instrumental in the successful completion of major projects including skyscrapers, hospitals, data centers, stadiums, and schools. It streamlines the management of finances, quality, teams, and risks, making these processes transparent, convenient, and regulation-compliant. Our partner is not only an expert in construction management but also a significant technology innovator, actively developing web and mobile solutions. Zoolatech plays a crucial role in supporting their growth, and we are currently searching for the best result-oriented Engineers who can keep the high-level development standards.

The primary goal of this project is to standardize our front-end (FE) technology and UI design across all platform components and tools. At present, our FE design lacks consistency: while some features have been developed using cutting-edge technologies like React, TypeScript, and the micro-frontend approach, numerous outdated legacy pages still rely on ERB files (Ruby on Rails frameworks) or Hydro-clients. To harmonize our technology stack, extensive efforts are necessary to decouple the front-end from the back-end and to encapsulate the FE within a micro-frontend architecture. The project will unfold in several phases, focusing on maximizing the use of our custom component library across the application.

  • Migrate existing features to the new architecture using specified modern technologies and custom libraries.

  • Document the migration process, including challenges faced and solutions implemented, to guide future migrations and developments and to keep tracking record of the progress.

  • Design, implement, test, and deliver highly scalable products that are global and secure by design.

  • Develop test strategies, work with test automation frameworks, write unit/functional tests to drive code coverage and automation metrics

  • Develop fellow teammates by conducting code reviews, providing mentorship, pairing knowledge sharing

  • Coordinate closely with the team to maintain focus on project goals and deadlines, organizing daily check-ins to keep everyone aligned.

  • Communicate with the distributed international team to resolve blockers, issues and code conflicts and consult about timelines and solutions.

  • 5 years of experience as a Software Engineer, with a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects.

  • Strong expertise in software architecture design and development, with proficiency in React, Webpack, Jest, NPM, Typescript, Storybook.

  • Experience working in multinational teams with members located in different timezones.

  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, with the ability to think critically and provide innovative solutions.

  • An excellent communicator comfortable interacting over Zoom and Slack which enables effective collaboration with team members, stakeholders, and cross-functional teams.

  • Readiness to learn Ruby and create simple Restful API calls.

Nice to have

  • Experience in Backend, especially with Ruby/RoR would be a big plus as the monolith was created using this technology

  • Experience working with asynchronous requests in large scale applications and developing RESTful APIs

  • Experience with software catalog systems (like Backstage)

  • experience with different deployments & bootstrapping

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