Senior SDET (QA platform automation) Engineer
Wroclaw, Poland
Automation QA

At Zoolatech, we're dedicated to transforming the business landscape with our comprehensive expertise in software development. Our collaboration with our client, a top-notch supplier of quality and compliance cloud-based software, is geared towards revolutionizing the creation and distribution of life sciences products.

We are seeking a Senior SDET / Automation Engineer who is experienced in building and running Automation Platforms for backend, frontend and performance testing.

Platform Automation team oversees creating automation tools and frameworks that are used by multiple departments to build and execute automated tests, ensure quality gates in CI/CD pipelines, and provide visibility to the leadership about the quality of the product. Our primary role is building testing tools, not writing tests. Success is measured by the value those tools provide in improving overall quality of the products.

To be successful in the role, you should have versatile experience building Test Automation frameworks and tools from the ground up and promoting Test Automation practices. You would be a part of the highly skilled small team and will have an opportunity to make decisions that impact large scale engineering organization. You have strong written and communication skills, have built automation to scale and work well cross functionally with product, product management and engineering.

  • Architect and implement scalable and developer-friendly Test Automation frameworks and tooling

  • Lead Performance Test platform development and rollout 

  • Drive multiple significant Test Automation improvements through the technology organization independently 

  • Collaborate and engage with technology teams to improve the development experience

  • Integrate necessary Automated Quality gates into the deployment pipelines

  • Provide support for multiple engineering teams troubleshooting issues related to Test Automation Frameworks

  • 6+ years hands-on Test Automation experience 

  • 4+ years hands-on programming experience (Java, Typescript, Python, or similar) 

  • Strong hands-on experience building Test Automation platforms for backend (Junit, or similar) 

  • Strong hands-on experience building Test Automation platforms for frontend (Playwright or similar)

  • Strong hands-on experience building Performance Test Automation platforms (Gatling, Artillery, or similar)

  • 3+ years of experience with CI/CD pipelines (GitHub actions, or similar) 

  • Experience with Kubernetes and AWS or similar cloud providers

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, capable of working effectively across multiple teams in the organization

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